Presentation Training and Workshops


Presenting has to be one of the most challenging tasks that anyone is asked to do at work. Our presentation training workshops have successfully supported clients in delivering dynamic presentations in a relatively short time. The presentation training can be organised as a workshop for a small group onsite at your company or for individual employees.

What is included in Presentation Training?

Cultural review

It is important to be aware of the potential differences between a typical German presentation and one designed for an English speaking country.

What information should you include and what should you leave out?

An English speaking audience will often expect a different type of content than a typical German presentation. So it is important to understand the cultural differences when designing your slides, the format and tone.

For example a presentation for the UK will often begin with an executive summary giving the highlights of what is to come later.

There will most likely be less text and more single graphics than the typical German presentation.


Then the slides will need to fit together; you will need to move professionally from one slide to the next. Which phrases will you use to move smoothly from one slide to the next? It is normal that people will have questions about your presentation.

Physical performance

How you deliver your presentation will be crucial to how your audience reacts to your performance. Thus, much time is spent on understanding the theory of good presentations along with practising your delivery in a variety of settings. Performances can be video recorded to help analyse and aid focused feedback.


Constructive feedback after each performance has been critical in helping clients improve their delivery efficiently.

The feedback focusses on:

  • Introduction technique
  • Body posture
  • Eye contact
  • Arm and hand movement
  • Gait
  • Voice
  • Tone
  • Delivery speed
  • Pauses
  • Audience engagement
  • Question and Answer

Who will benefit from this coaching?

The presentation coaching is designed for managers and leaders who asked to give Power Point presentations or similar to audiences of 3 to 30 people. Typically these are presentations where questions are asked during and afterwards. 

Recently we have coached clients who have given presentations to:

  • The ECB, BaFin and The Bundesbank
  • The Bank of England
  • Metzler Bank
  • Medical Conferences in the US
  • Lufthansa management
  • Marketing meetings 
  • Financial quarterly reporting DELL

The presentation coaching is aimed at managers with a minimum B2 Level of English. 

These are just a few of the points that are very important when putting together a presentation.
With many years of experience preparing clients to deliver successful presentations, I can support you by helping you to write and edit the presentation.

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Bill Child  MBA

I offer Presentation Coaching for Management, Business English training, consulting & coaching, helping professionals to communicate effectively with their native and non-native speaking partners. 

Bill Child MBA Presentation Coaching for Management

With over 20 years experience in Germany, I offer a professional service for presentation coaching for management which aims to meet my clients needs and expectations.


“Herr Child versteht es dabei die unterschiedlichen Rechtsgebiete durch unterschiedliche Medien
abwechslungsreich aufzubereiten sowie auf die unterschiedlichen Sprachfähigkeiten im Financial English der Teilnehmer einzugehen. Für die Vermittlung von Sprachkompetenzen im Finanzsektor halten wir Herrn Child aufgrund unserer Erfahrung daher für sehr geeignet ”
Lazard Asset Management GmbH, Christoph Pieper, Geschäftsführer

Bill Child is in my opinion a highly capable professional possessing the ability to teach and motivate students in learning English. He created a highly successful English course. He has a very strong and successful background in teaching of professional managers as well as in presentation coaching for management and in personal coaching.
I would highly recommend Mr. Child for English training.
Lutz Wolf, Glory Global Solutions