Executive English Coaching

In today's globalized world, effective English communication and management skills can greatly contribute to your professional success. Recognizing this, I offer one-on-one English training and management coaching sessions, tailored to your unique needs and goals.

These sessions are delivered online, offering you the convenience to learn from anywhere, anytime. Whether you're a non-native English speaker aiming to enhance your language proficiency, or a manager seeking to expand your leadership capabilities, I will work closely with you to design a program that aligns with your objectives. The one-on-one format ensures that you receive my full attention and guidance.

We will work at a pace that suits you best, allowing for thorough understanding and mastery of each topic. The sessions are flexible, accommodating changes in your schedule and ensuring you're able to balance your professional commitments with your personal growth. Through these personalized sessions, you will gain the confidence and skills to communicate effectively, manage teams efficiently, and navigate the nuances of the business world with ease.

As an Executive English Coach, my role is to guide you through a range of activities designed to refine your English language skills and apply them to real-world business contexts. I specialize in bringing a practical, interactive approach to the learning process to ensure a well-rounded development of your language and managerial abilities.

Our sessions might start with an open discussion on work-related issues such as employee motivation or team conflict. Here, you will have the opportunity to articulate your thoughts, learn industry-specific vocabulary, and practice expressing complex ideas in English. We can dissect a scenario where low motivation is hampering team performance or where conflict is disrupting team harmony. Through this, you can gain insights into effective leadership communication strategies and broaden your understanding of these dynamics in a second language.

We could also delve into financial and business themes. Discussing topics such as market trends, economic forecasts, or financial reports not only enhances your language skills but also keeps you abreast of essential business concepts and terminologies. Whether we're examining a case study or dissecting an article from a reputable business journal, these activities will help you feel more confident and articulate when dealing with similar topics in your work environment.

You might play the part of a CEO delivering an important presentation or a manager resolving a conflict between team members. These scenarios offer safe spaces to experiment with language and management strategies, receive feedback, and develop your executive presence in English.

Remember, this journey is about you and your growth. These are just examples of the many activities we can explore in our sessions, and the actual content will be tailored to your individual needs and goals. My ultimate aim is to equip you with the language skills and confidence you need to excel in any business environment.

Bill Child  MBA

I offer Executive English Coaching, Presentation Coaching for Management, Business English training, consulting & coaching, helping professionals to communicate effectively with their native and non-native speaking partners. 

 William Child Executive English Coaching

With over 20 years experience in Germany, I offer a professional coaching service for management which aims to meet my clients needs and expectations.


“Herr Child versteht es dabei die unterschiedlichen Rechtsgebiete durch unterschiedliche Medien
abwechslungsreich aufzubereiten sowie auf die unterschiedlichen Sprachfähigkeiten im Financial English der Teilnehmer einzugehen. Für die Vermittlung von Sprachkompetenzen im Finanzsektor halten wir Herrn Child aufgrund unserer Erfahrung daher für sehr geeignet ”
Lazard Asset Management GmbH, Christoph Pieper, Geschäftsführer

Bill Child is in my opinion a highly capable professional possessing the ability to teach and motivate students in learning English. He created a highly successful English course. He has a very strong and successful background in teaching of professional managers as well as in presentation coaching for management and in personal coaching.
I would highly recommend Mr. Child for English training.
Lutz Wolf, Glory Global Solutions