Business English Trainer and Coach

William Child MBA



I am a business English trainer and coach from the United Kingdom. I am a certified trainer and coach from Cambridge University. I have been living and working in Frankfurt am Main for over 25 years and with my understanding of German (B2) I am able to support my clients in their training and coaching needs.

Currently I am working online with business managers, financial experts and financial students in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and the UK. I also have clients in other areas including IT, Marketing and HR. 

I believe it is also important to develop as a trainer and coach and I have completed both a Masters in Education and a Masters in Business Administration. I also enjoy taking part on short courses and seminars to increase my knowledge and experience.

If you would like to find out more about whether I could be the right trainer or coach to support you, then please get in touch to arrange a free online or telephone  consultation at

Support that fit your needs

No two people are alike, that's why I make plans that completely customisable.

Flexible customer support

Training and coaching needs don't always happen during business hours, which is why I am available from 8 to late from Monday to Friday.

Staying Connected

All clients receive media support between meetings which helps their development.

Business English Trainer and Coach

Business English Trainer and Coach


How do you work?

There are two aims with business English training and coaching.

Firstly to support their development in using the English language in their daily business to a level that they are more confident than when we started working together.

Secondly to support them in more difficult situations that happen in their working environment. This is a wide area and has included many different things. With many clients it has meant working on giving presentations in English and feeling more confident about it.

I have also worked with many new team leaders who have to coordinate global teams in English and deal with issues such as team motivation, cultural differences and leading online meetings in English.

Recently I have started to publish and make available some of the material and ideas that I have been using with clients. You can find a sample here in the newsletter.

Another aspect of my work has been in supporting female employees in dealing with the challenges of progressing their careers inside large global companies. I have been successful in helping them find their new challenges inside their organisations-all in English.








How often do you meet?

Most of my clients would like to meet on a weekly basis on a fixed day and time and I arrange this where possible. However, some clients have busy weeks and so sometimes it is not possible to meet every week or to always meet on the same day. I also try to arrange this as much as possible.

At the moment my preferred meeting place is online using MS Teams, Zoom or WebEx. Meeting online allows everyone to be very flexible about when to meet. There is no need to travel to a meeting point late in the evening or when the weather is bad.

Using as my meeting tool means that I regularly send clients available meeting times for the next months that they can choose.

If you have any more questions or suggestions why not call me on 0176 29517091 for a chat. Even if I am not able to help you I may be able to recommend someone who can help you.