English Business Training and Coaching

I have been offering English Business Training and Coaching for over 25 years in Frankfurt am Main and around Germany, helping people to communicate effectively with their native and non-native speaking partners. 

My many years of experience has shown the benefit of building strong business relationships with my clients through establishing a deep level of trust. The building up of trust is very important as this combination of understanding and trust is what allows me to develop the inside knowledge which allows meaningful conversations to take place.

Therefore, these are some of the areas I have worked in a training session is not simply a lesson, but a meeting aimed at developing your skills needed to really perform in all of your professional settings.

Below are some of the areas I have worked in.

English business training and coaching

I offer Training and Coaching for;

English Consult

In today's changing business environment, the need for adaptable English business training and coaching is more important than ever. What motivates me is the satisfaction I get from watching clients develop, whether it's telling me they overcame their fears and were able to deliver a presentation in front of colleagues and their managers or were able to lead a meeting between their colleagues and another company in English.

My methodology is based on a mix of training the English business skills needed for each situation and focussing on understanding and supporting the personal side of the situation where this is needed. 

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Business English trainer and Coach

What people say

Here are a few comments from some recent clients.

“Herr Child versteht es dabei die unterschiedlichen Rechtsgebiete durch unterschiedliche Medien abwechslungsreich aufzubereiten sowie auf die unterschiedlichen Sprachfähigkeiten im Financial English der Teilnehmer einzugehen.

Für die Vermittlung von Sprachkompetenzen im Finanzsektor halten wir Herrn Child aufgrund unserer Erfahrung daher für sehr geeignet ”

Lazard Asset Management GmbH, Christoph Pieper, Geschäftsführer

William Child is in my opinion a highly capable professional possessing the ability to teach and motivate students in learning English. He created a highly successful English course.

He has a very strong and successful background in teaching of high professional managers as well as in training presentation and in personal coaching.
I would highly recommend Mr. Child for English training.
Lutz Wolf, Glory Global Solutions

Our team recently participated in a two-day workshop led by William Child, focusing on presentation skills. William provided a structured approach that was both informative and practical.  Since the workshop, we've observed noticeable improvements in the team’s presentation capabilities, leading to much clear presentations.

His training methods are clear and straightforward and his feedback was very constructive, making it a beneficial experience for all of us. We very much appreciated his final video feedback that is really useful to watch.

J.K, M&G Investments

Some recent clients.
  • Lufthansa AG
  • M & G Fund managers
  • Lazard Asset Managers
  • Mercedes
  • Glory Global IT Solutions
  • International School Management Frankfurt
  • NTT Global Data

Recent work
  • Marketing presentations
  • English for sales
  • Financial English Seminars
  • Supervisory English training
  • Conference Presentation training
  • Job Interview training
    • Supporting new Team leaders
    • Coaching Global Teams
    • Intercultural Team training