Intercultural Coaching


As more companies become involved in international trade the need to develop their understanding of culture has grown dramatically over the last 20 years . Intercultural Coaching offers support and advice on how to develop employee skillsets in a variety of situations.

However, companies often underestimate the challenges facing employees as they expand into new markets and come into contact with enthusiastic partners who have different ways of behaving in typical business contexts.

What is involved in Intercultural Coaching?

Typically, the first coaching sessions consider the various cultures involved from theoretical and practical perspectives. Important then is to look at individual experiences and understand the interactions involved. These communication exchanges help to highlight the cultural backgrounds of the participants. However, it is important not to underestimate the in fluence of peoples own personal development and personality. The diagram below shows how we all share certain human needs.

Intercultural Coaching

Three Levels of Mental Programming

Intercultural coaching can be offered in two separate ways.

Firstly, as a stand-alone seminar either as a two full day seminar or four half days. Included in the seminars is a brief overview of the relevant theoretical ideas that are relevant for your business situation.

After this introduction, the seminar focuses on a number of case studies from businesses that have experienced the challenges of intercultural communication. It is important to see how the situations developed in the case studies in relation to the intercultural influence.

Next it is important to share individual real-life experiences from the everyday work place to understand where the intercultural dynamic plays in our daily interactions.

Finally, it is critical to take on the intercultural aspect into our communication tool boxes. To achieve this it is necessary for participants to create individual communication action plans that reflect their own personal experiences of intercultural communication challenges.

Bill Child  MBA

I offer Intercultural Coaching, Presentation Coaching for Management, Business English training, consulting & coaching, helping professionals to communicate effectively with their native and non-native speaking partners. 

Bill Child MBA Presentation Coaching for Management

With over 20 years experience in Germany, I offer a professional coaching service for management which aims to meet my clients needs and expectations.


“Herr Child versteht es dabei die unterschiedlichen Rechtsgebiete durch unterschiedliche Medien
abwechslungsreich aufzubereiten sowie auf die unterschiedlichen Sprachfähigkeiten im Financial English der Teilnehmer einzugehen. Für die Vermittlung von Sprachkompetenzen im Finanzsektor halten wir Herrn Child aufgrund unserer Erfahrung daher für sehr geeignet ”
Lazard Asset Management GmbH, Christoph Pieper, Geschäftsführer

Bill Child is in my opinion a highly capable professional possessing the ability to teach and motivate students in learning English. He created a highly successful English course. He has a very strong and successful background in teaching of professional managers as well as in presentation coaching for management and in personal coaching.
I would highly recommend Mr. Child for English training.
Lutz Wolf, Glory Global Solutions