Bill Child

cellphone: 0176 29517091


Business English training

The training focusses on English for business needs including;
*Business small talk
*Company topics
*Site visits

The courses

typically include;
*Preparing presentations
*Work related articles
*Business case studies
*Small talk themes
*Native/non native audio
*Business video clips
*Vocabulary support
*Email analysis
*Business Coaching
*Analysing texts

Recent clients

*Deutsche Bundesbank
*DEKA Bank
*Bankhaus Metzler KGaA
*JW Goethe University
*Deutsche FuĂźball-Bund
*MandG Fund managers
*Lazard Asset Managers
*Glory Global IT Solutions

Business English Coaching

Work to develop skills needed in the international market
Create and set reachable targets
Review performance and explore development
Focus on;
*Job interview preparation
*Key client meetings
*Stakeholder negotiations
*Career development

Bill Child Aufsichts Englisch Seminar

Presentation Training

Typically focuses firstly on the content and the aims of the presentation and how the slides best fit together.
The style of delivery and presentation phrases must are then developed.
Afterwards the presentation has to be given, and can be filmed which supports the analysis.
This clear structure gives confidence and supports presentation skills growth.

Supervisory English Seminars

One and two day’s www.fc-heidelberg.de
Supervisory English seminars.
Focusing on understanding and using supervisory English at work.
Ideal for institutions with regular contact to regulatory bodies.
Documents covered for example;

Business Services Overview

Small Talk

Module focuses on understanding how to use small talk effectively.
In particular we consider;
* Why small talk is important
* How to start up a conversation
* What to include in small talk
* When to change the topic
This module increases confidence to take part in business English small talk


We analyse, correct and optimise emails and letters from the participants’ own workplace and provide learning material that effectively improves communication.
By focusing on common mistakes and using typical phrases.This module aims to reduce mistakes and save time.

Telephone Training

In this module we consider both telephone calls and telephone conference calls. Using the participants work experience, we consider;
*Telephone phrases
*Dealing with difficult situations
*Understanding different Englishes
*Simulations of calls