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Presenting in English in a foreign language has to be one of the most challenging things that anyone is asked to do at work.
The Presentation Training can be organised as a workshop or included as part of a package of training courses.

What is included in the Presentation training?

First the presentation itself has to be written and put together. However, an English speaking audience will often expect a different type of content than a typical German presentation.
What information should you include and what should you leave out?
Then the slides will need to fit together; you will need to move professionally from one slide to the next.
Which phrases will you use to move smoothly from one slide to the next?
It is normal that people will have questions about your presentation.

Who will benefit from this training?

How will you deal with the questions and answers?
These are just a few of the points that are very important when putting together a presentation.
With many years of experience preparing clients to deliver successful presentations, I can support you by helping you to write and edit the presentation.

Call 0176 29517091 for a free consultation on how to improve your
presentation training in English.
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