Through more than 20 years of working with business people first hand in many different industries I have built up a large bank of knowledge and business sense that I am able to bring to the training sessions. This skill set is underpinned educational courses that I have attended over the last 15 years which including a two year coaching course at Frankfurt Hochschule, a Master in Education and Leadership at the Open University UK and an ongoing M.B.A at Edinburgh Business School. The one to one executive training / coaching sessions that I currently offer are tailor made to fit the needs and context of each client on a totally personalised basis. Each client’s training session process is structured to meet their ongoing requirements and developing goals. Client’s goals in the past have included the following themes; • Preparing to deliver presentations in English before a senior management board • Having to explain (weak )sales figures before a demanding regional head • Designing efficient presentations for a European financial conference • Coping with Q & A sessions in English after a presentation • Developing strategies to coach valued employees into accepting change • Planning career development strategies