Presentation Coaching

Giving presentations is one of the most challenging aspects of business life today and doing it in another language makes it even more demanding.
But it is possible to reduce the stress levels before and during the process. Being well prepared both with your presentation content and with your delivery style will greatly increase the success factor.
With many year’s experience of advising clients on their presentation content and presenting style I have collected quite a lot of ideas from what works and what often doesn’t. So here are some thoughts;
Presentation Content;
• Often it makes sense to work backwards- where do you want to end up?
• Once you have the ending slide(s) and take-home message you can work towards it.
• Start with a clear introduction- set out where you are going and why
• Signal where you are in the presentation
• Use numbers, colours to keep the audience with you- code it
• Reduce the blocks of text as much as possible
• Use big clear graphics
• Limit the number of graphics to one or two maximum per slide
• Make sure the font is big enough the CEO at the back of the room
• Does it have a common style?
• Use phrases to link the slides together
Presentation Style;
• Practise is the key
• Feel confident and look at your audience
• Watch your hands that they don’t play with your hair too much
• Move occasionally
• Think about the vocabulary that you use and what message it sends
• Avoid certain words; think, try and hope are the classics
• Use more certain language
• Watch those umms and ahhs, record yourself if you are not sure
• Practise speaking to find your best voice and tone.

These ideas will get your preparations started and help you move in the right direction. However, to really perform well having a coach work with you to discuss your presentation and observe your development will increase your performance significantly.
I have worked with business students on presentation courses and with business managers for many years using a variety of methods to support them including video recording with playback sessions and analysis.
With analysis it is possible to see first-hand how the audience sees the presenter and the presentation and what needs to be changed.
Presentation training can be done either via video link or face to face at a time and place that is convenient for you.

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