Management Services


Bill Child

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Management Modules

These modules allow clients to choose exactly the content they require to meet their needs and focus on specific training. These are focussed on success in business and in particular for management positions.

Business English Management Training

Presentation Coaching

A one day / two day workshop or part of a package of training courses.
We work on;
*Building clear, dynamic presentations
*Using clear, easy to remember linking phrases.
*Practising with video playback analysis.
This module aims to improve clarity and performance

International Meetings

Module focuses on improving communication in business meetings situations.
In particular the focus is on;
* Starting up a conversation
* Leading meetings
* Using phrases successfully
* Achieving win win situations
This module increases confidence to take part in business English meetings

International Business English

For people working in an international field wanting to build on intercultural skills and competence.
This training works on;
*Understanding international partners
*Planning for international trips
*Preparing for multi national projects
*Recognising common cultural traps
This module aims to improve international success

Business Services Overview

Small Talk

Module focuses on understanding how to use small talk effectively.
In particular we consider;
* Why small talk is important
* How to start up a conversation
* What to include in small talk
* When to change the topic
This module increases confidence to take part in business English small talk


We analyse, correct and optimise emails and letters from the participants’ own workplace and provide learning material that effectively improves communication.
By focusing on common mistakes and using typical phrases.This module aims to reduce mistakes and save time.

Telephone Training

In this module we consider both telephone calls and telephone conference calls. Using the participants work experience, we consider;
*Telephone phrases
*Dealing with difficult situations
*Understanding different Englishes
*Simulations of calls