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Aufsichts Englisch Seminars

Aufsichts Englisch Seminars
offer a one day introduction or a two day complete seminar, which offer participants the chance to experience Aufsichts Englisch close up and with a full programme of specialist activities to bring the guidelines from EBA, BaFin and Basel Committee alive.This includes working directly with EBA guidelines,discussing vocabulary and phrases used and analysing the key concepts in different documents.
These content packed seminars are designed especially for each client based on their requirements and direction. The seminars are a great challenge for both participants and trainer. However, it is a great feeling watching participants engaging with the content of the guidelines and really bringing it alive in our many specialy designed activies.

Aufsichts Englisch Overview

Seminar Content

-vocabulary analysis and practice
-phrases analysis and practice
-key concepts discussion
-text analysis and presentation
-writing emails and texts
-competent authority email analysis
-polite supervisory English

Seminar Sources

-SREP 2014 EBA
-MaRisk 2012 BaFin
-MaComp 2010 BaFin
-Guidelines on creditworthiness assessment 2015 (EBA)
-Internal Audit Function in Banks 2012 (BCBS)

Seminar Structure

-The concept is flexible to the needs and aims of the institutions.
-We are able to create new seminars to satisfy any special supervisory guideline requirements.
-Seminars can be one or two days long and held at a location of your choice

Aufsichts Englisch Updates

Future Aufsichts Englisch Seminars
Frankfurt am Main
03.04-04.04 2017
This seminar offers the chance to come together with participants from financial institutions from all over Germany to take part in a two-day seminar in cosmopolitan Frankfurt am Main.

Aufsichts Englisch one day introduction seminar 21.06.2017
Aufsichts Englisch two day seminar with a focus on communication 22.06-23.06.2017

Aufsichts Englisch dictionary
The second edition of Finanz Colloquium Heidelberg AufsichtEnglisch is now available, with contributions gained from the many recent Aufsicht Englisch in house seminars across Germany in 2015 and 2016.
This book contains over 300 pages of very clear descriptions of vocabulary used in the Supervisory English context in Germany today.

Aufsichts-Englisch Guideline


Aufsicht Englisch Guideline Texts

Aufsichts Englisch Texts