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Bill Child

Tel: 0176 29517091


I offer Business English training, consulting & coaching, helping professionals to communicate effectively with their native and non-native speaking partners. With nearly 20 years experience in Germany, I offer a professional service which aims to meet my clients needs &expectations.

The Training

Can be one to one, or in groups and in-house at the company location. After interviewing the participants, the course is designed to fit everyone, with the course material being tailor made for each situation.
This guarantees that the needs of the company and participants are reached quickly and effiently.

The Method

Roter Faden with clients is a communicative approach, where clients;
*communicate exclusively in English
*speak as much as possible in the lesson
*ask and answer questions
*discuss relevant themes
*share work situations
Encourages fast and visible progress.


Was mein Englisch betrifft, war ich sehr zufrieden! Die Vorbereitung mit Ihnen hat mir viel geholfen und ich habe mich dadurch von Anfang an viel sicherer gefühlt. Einige Tage am Stück nur englisch zu sprechen hat dann noch mit dazu beigetragen, gut ins Sprechen rein zukommen.

Cornelia Schrey

Bill Child is in my opinion a highly capable professional possessing the ability to teach and motivate students in learning English. He created a highly successful English course. He has a very strong and successful background in teaching of high professional managers as well as in training presentation and in personal coaching.
I would highly recommend Mr. Child for English training.

Lutz Wolf, Glory Global Solutions<

“Herr Child versteht es dabei die unterschiedlichen Rechtsgebiete durch unterschiedliche Medien
abwechslungsreich aufzubereiten sowie auf die unterschiedlichen Sprachfähigkeiten im Financial English der Teilnehmer einzugehen. Für die Vermittlung von Sprachkompetenzen im Finanzsektor halten wir Herrn Child aufgrund unserer Erfahrung daher für sehr geeignet ”

Lazard Asset Management GmbH, Christoph Pieper, Geschäftsführer

Business English training

The training focusses on English for business needs including;
*Business small talk
*Company topics
*Site visits

The courses

typically include;
*Preparing presentations
*Work related articles
*Business case studies
*Small talk themes
*Native/non native audio
*Business video clips
*Vocabulary support
*Email analysis
*Business Coaching
*Analysing texts

Recent clients

*Deutsche Bundesbank
*DEKA Bank
*Bankhaus Metzler KGaA
*JW Goethe University
*Deutsche Fußball-Bund
*MandG Fund managers
*Lazard Asset Managers
*Glory Global IT Solutions

Business English Coaching

Work to develop skills needed in the international market
Create and set reachable targets
Review performance and explore development
Focus on;
*Job interview preparation
*Key client meetings
*Stakeholder negotiations
*Career development

Presentation Training

Typically focuses firstly on the content and the aims of the presentation and how the slides best fit together.
The style of delivery and presentation phrases must are then developed.
Afterwards the presentation has to be given, and can be filmed which supports the analysis.
This clear structure gives confidence and supports presentation skills growth.

Supervisory English Seminars

One and two day’s www.fc-heidelberg.de
Supervisory English seminars.
Focusing on understanding and using supervisory English at work.
Ideal for institutions with regular contact to regulatory bodies.
Documents covered for example;